Sustainable Tourism


Net Zero Goals

Highland Campervans is proud of its attitude towards sustainability - considering the environmental, economic and social impact of all our business activities. We are currently working towards Net Zero goals, so we truly understand how our business impacts on the environments and what we can do to minimise and mitigate that footprint. 

We are aware that many people chose a motorhome holiday because they want to reduce their carbon footprint and avoid taking long overseas flights, especially when there is so much to see so close to home.

Keeping Business Local

As a family firm based in the Highlands, we understand how important it is to support other businesses in the area and keep trade local. Where possible we encourage our customers to buy products as they travel around the Highlands, however, we also realise that sometimes an initial shop has to be done in one place just to get you on your way sooner! Whether it's buying materials to use in our campervans or getting business items printed, Highland Campervans will always look local first even if that means paying a bit more...

Using Environmentally Friendly Products

As part of our environmental policy, Highlands Campervans tries to use products which are as kind to our environment as possible.

We provide biodegradable washing-up liquid and cleaning sprays in our campervans for customers to use.  For the onboard washrooms, we provide Elsan Organic toilet fluid which is suitable for use in septic tanks and minimises any impact on the environment.

We provide compostable cups in our customer reception areas.